* Who is Michael C. Ruppert? *

michael c ruppert

Michael C. Ruppert – Teacher, Tracker of Truth, Scout

In his own words, Michael C. Ruppert called himself a teacher, a Tracker of Truth, a warrior, and even adopted the native-term ‘scout’ (“one who goes out into the world of the enemy [alone] to see what they are and who they are and how they live and how they operate; into the belly of the beast and come back out into the light”)

Ultimately though, he was the voice of reason in an insane world for those that were willing to listen:

“Mike’s messages were visceral.”

If Mike was scared, we were scared. If Mike was excited, we were excited. If Mike said he was in danger, we believed Mike was in danger. If Mike said we were in danger, we believed we were in danger.

If Mike acted hot-headed, childish, irrational, questionable or even anguished, we believed it was due to whatever situation he was covering, or telling us he was covering at the time.

Cheri Speak’s Blog

Read the following great piece put together over at Cheri Speak’s blog that gives a good glimpse into the personal life of Michael C. Ruppert leading up to the last moments of his life:

From the Wilderness Forward, What Really Happened to Michael C. Ruppert (5/1/2014)


Here’s another one of Michael C. Ruppert’s speeches that has been shared far and wide by many from 2011:

While there are still ‘theories’ going around regarding the actual events of Michael C. Ruppert’s death. It has been confirmed that his death was in fact a suicide by anyone who has looked at all the evidence such as the notes left behind, the coroner’s reports, and so forth.


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One thought on “* Who is Michael C. Ruppert? *”

  1. I wish I could have met this guy. His message is just great. Even here in Germany there are some people who know him and honor him for what he has done. When I heard that he killed himself, I was just shocked. He was a hero. He should be a hero for all of us. Sorry for bad english.

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